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Manx flag (14k) Seventeenth Century Parish Registers as Sources


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Unpublished and Manuscript Sources

The following parish registers were used for this paper:

  • Andreas, Microfilm/PR 1, and Manx National Heritage Library MS 09992.
  • Arbory, MF/PR 2, and MNHL MS 10356.
  • Ballaugh, MF/PR 3 and 4, and MNHL MS 10457.
  • Braddan, MF/PR 5, and MNHL MS 09073.
  • Bride, MF/PR 8 and 9.
  • German, MF/PR 12.
  • Jurby, MF/PR 14 and 15, and MNHL MS 09321.
  • Lezayre, MF/PR 16.
  • Malew, MF/PR 18, and MNHL MS 09767.
  • Marown, MF/PR 22, and MNHL MS 10860.
  • Maughold, MF/PR 22 and 23, and MNHL MS 09879.
  • Michael, MF/PR 24, and MNHL MS 10469.
  • Onchan, MF/PR 25, and MNHL MS 09754.
  • Santan, MF/PR 29, and MNHL MS 10355.

Powell, D.M., 2001, Considering the Extraordinary Dearth and Scarcity of Bread, (unpublished MA dissertation for the University of Liverpool).

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