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Manx flag (14k) Seventeenth Century Parish Registers as Sources

List of Illustrations


Figure 1:Seasonality of Baptisms 1650 to 1699
Figure 2:Seasonality of Marriages 1650 to 1699
Figure 3:Seasonality of Burials 1684 to 1685
Figure 4:Seasonality of Burials 1656 to 1657
Figure 5:Seasonality of Burials 1675 to 1676
Figure 6:Seasonality of Burials 1664 to 1665
Figure 7:Seasonality of Burials 1623 to 1624
Figure 8:Seasonality of Burials 1628 to 1629
Figure 9:Seasonality of Burials 1617 to 1618
Figure 10:Seasonality of Burials 1649 to 1650
Figure 11:Seasonality of Baptisms 1600 to 1649
Figure 12:Seasonality of Burials 1600 to 1649
Figure 13:Seasonality of Burials 1650 to 1699


Map 1:1685 Burials

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