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Manx flag (14k) Seventeenth Century Parish Registers as Sources

Appendix A

The following figures show the seasonality indexes for the Isle of Man as compared to the data from the Cambridge Group for England.

Figure 11 - Seasonality of Baptisms 1600 to 1649 [26]

Figure 11 (11k)

Figure 12 - Seasonality of Burials 1600 to 1649 [27]

Figure 12 (10k)


There is insufficient data for the Isle of Man for marriages in the first half of the seventeenth century. It was not possible to include them here.

Figure 13 - Seasonality of Burials 1650 to 1699 [28]

Figure 13 (11k)

26Data for England from Wrigley and Schofield, The Population History of England, 287.
27Ibid., 294.
28Ibid., 294.

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