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General Notes
1. Agriculture
2. Famine
3. Hardships
4. Governing
Appendix A
Appendix B
2003 Update
Manx flag (14k) ‘Considering the extraordinary dearth and scarcity of bread…’: Aspects of life on the Isle of Man in the years 1647 to 1651

Appendix A [306]

1In Curi[ia] de Tynwald tent[ament] 25th
2die Juny 1649
3Considering the extraordinarie dearth and
4scarsetie of bread and all manor of victual this
5present yeare, And comisseratinge the sadd con=
6dic[i]on of the poorer soarte of people of this Island
7who have not breade to eate or any other victuall
8to sustaine nature w[i]thall, By meanes whereof
9greate numbers of them are alreadie deade – as
10starved by meere hunger and many alsoe – yea
11the most p[ar]te of the poorer soart of the Island
12scarse able to stand upon their ffeete for
13want of sustenance
14It is thought fitt and soe ordered by this
15Court That all & [and] every the ffarmors & house=
16=keepers of this Island, shall twise every weeke
17viz upon Wednesdayes & ffrydays, spare and
18forbeare both from themselves and from every
19p[er]son of their famelyes – as children, servants
20and such like, the usuall proporc[i]on of
21victualls for one meale, upon both the said
22dayes weekely; and that proporc[i]on of victuall
23in Christian charetie – and in the feare of God
24to dispende, give & distribute to the poore people
25that shall come unto their houses or w[hi]ch they
26shall knowe most needefull, to send the same unto
27beinge not able to come for it; And this over
28and besides such Almes as they in Charety
29shall thinke in conscience they ought to give
30and bestowe in this kinde, And this is to bee
31observed till new corne come in viz untill that
32p[ro]vision of corne come into this Island which his
33Lo[rdshi]p hath sent for into ffrance & other places for
34    releeffe of this countrie.

The governor, the controller and twenty-three other men, presumably the officers of the Court and most of the members of the House of Keys signed the document.

306Lib. Scacc. 1649, 74 (MF/RB444).

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