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Title Page
General Notes
1. Agriculture
2. Famine
3. Hardships
4. Governing
Appendix A
Appendix B
2003 Update
Manx flag (14k) ‘Considering the extraordinary dearth and scarcity of bread…’: Aspects of life on the Isle of Man in the years 1647 to 1651


Many thanks to Roger Sims for beginning our palaeography class with such an interesting and thought-provoking document! His interest in the project throughout has been of invaluable assistance. The entire staff at the Manx National Heritage Library has also been very helpful and were always interested in status reports on the project.

Dr. Peter Davey and Dr. Fenella Bazin at the Centre for Manx Studies deserve many thanks as well. For establishing and running the wonderfully interesting and challenging MA programme as well as for encouraging and supporting this project from beginning to end.

Thanks to Dr. Ros Stott, also at the Centre for Manx Studies for her invaluable input throughout the researching and writing of this dissertation.

Thanks to Jane Potts for reading and re-reading drafts and correcting the many spelling and grammatical errors that inevitably occurred. Any errors that remain are my own.

Most of my thanks must go, however, to my husband Stephen, without whose support, encouragement and continued belief in my ability this paper would never have been completed. It is to him, and to David, that this work is dedicated with love.

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