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General Notes
1. Agriculture
2. Famine
3. Hardships
4. Governing
Appendix A
Appendix B
2003 Update
Manx flag (14k) ‘Considering the extraordinary dearth and scarcity of bread…’: Aspects of life on the Isle of Man in the years 1647 to 1651

Major Sources & Abbreviations

The following original manuscripts, all of which are held at the Manx National Heritage Library, Douglas (hereafter MNHL), were examined. Note that all references to these sources follow the referencing methods outlined in the Centre for Manx Studies publication Notes for Contributors to Centre Publications.

The Derby Papers, abbreviated DP hereafter, contained little for the period studied here, aside from the Receipts and Disbursements, abbreviated RD hereafter. Both are available on microfilm and all items from microfilm will be noted (MF/###) where ### indicates the number of the film box.

Ingates and Outgates or Waterbailiff Accounts and Books of Licences and Entries all record imports and exports. These are referenced beginning with ‘IO’ and followed by details.

Libri Cancellarii (Chancery Books) mainly deals with the court of equity. Abbreviated Lib. Canc. hereafter.

Libri Placitorum (Books of Pleas) or common law court records. Abbreviated Lib. Plit. hereafter.

Libri Scaccarii (Exchequer Books) which also contains court orders. Abbreviated Lib. Scacc. hereafter.

Parish registers are abbreviated PR and contain appropriate microfilm box information.

Wills and Manorial Records are outside the scope of this dissertation and have not been considered.

More information about these manuscript sources and their use as resources for studying the period can be found in Dickinson’s The Lordship of Man Under the Stanleys, published in 1996 by the Centre for Manx Studies and The Chetham Society.

Three histories or accounts of the Island were written in the seventeenth century and are used in the text.

William Blundell was a Royalist who sought shelter on Man in the civil war years. He wrote his History of the Isle of Man between 1648 and 1656 [1]. Hereafter noted as Blundell, History.

James Chaloner was a Commissioner under Lord Fairfax in 1652 and served as Governor of the Island from 1658 to 1660 [2]. Hereafter noted as Chaloner, Treatise.

William Sacheverell wrote his account after serving as Governor on Man in the 1690s [3]. Hereafter noted as Sacheverell, Account.

Other authors that have been used include:

Andrew Appleby, his Famine in Tudor and Stuart England has been used as a model for the second chapter of this dissertation [4]. Hereafter noted as Appleby, FTSE.

Barry Coward, who has written books about England and the Stanleys that are used within this dissertation.

Roger Dickinson whose complex and comprehensive work The Lordship of Man under the Stanleys must be the starting point for any student of the period. It covers a number of topics not mentioned in this dissertation, especially those relating to the economy [5]. It is hereafter noted as Dickinson, LMUS. Dickinson has also written articles that are quoted throughout.

A.W. Moore’s History of the Isle of Man remains a valuable resource, over a hundred years after it was first published [6]. Hereafter noted as Moore, History.

Paul Slack, who has written at length about the English poor laws.

J.A. Sharpe’s Early Modern England: A Social History 1550 – 1760 [7] and Keith Wrightson’s English Society 1580 – 1680 [8] have been used for background into English society. They are noted respectively as Sharpe, EME and Wrightson, ES.

Other sources are introduced in the text where doing so seemed more appropriate, especially those that are little used or are used in only part of the dissertation.

1Blundell, W., 1876, 1877, A History of the Isle of Man, 1648-1656, ed. by W. Harrison, 2 volumes, Manx Society volumes XXV, XXVII, Douglas.
2Chaloner, J., 1864, A Short Treatise of the Isle of Man, ed. by W. Harrison, Manx Society volume X, Douglas.
3Sacheverell, W., 1859, An Account of the Isle of Man, ed. by J.G. Cumming, Manx Society volume 1, Douglas.
4Appleby, A.B., 1978, Famine in Tudor and Stuart England, Liverpool University Press, Liverpool.
5Dickinson, J.R., 1997, The Lordship of Man Under the Stanleys: Government and Economy in the Isle of Man, 1580-1704, Carnegie Publishing Ltd, for the Centre for Manx Studies and The Chetham Society, Preston.
6Moore, A.W., 1900, A History of the Isle of Man, 2 volumes, London.
7Sharpe, J.A., 1987, Early Modern England: A Social History 1550 – 1760, Edward Arnold, London.
8Wrightson, K., 1982, English Society 1580 – 1680, Hutchinson, London.

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