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Manx Research Site

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This site was originally run by Lafiya Systems in support of a couple of PhD students undertaking research into Manx subjects. As time (and research) progressed the site was updated with notes. However, one line of research never really got out of the starting blocks and the second, while it progressed through a Masters degree, was brought to a halt after 2 years research towards the PhD.

The site is kept alive as storage for the three key deliverables pertaining to the main strand of research:


  • Considering the extraordinary dearth and scarcity of bread - Aspects of life on the Isle of Man in the years 1647 to 1651. Dissertation submitted for the Masters degree in Manx Studies. December 2001

Parish Registers

  • Seventeenth Century Parish Registers as Sources - Paper presented at "New Work on the Lordship of Man [1405-1830]", a Centre for Manx Studies symposium held at the Manx Museum, Douglas, Isle of Man. November 2003

Manx Demographics

  • Attempting Demographic Research on Man for the 17th to 19th Centuries - Transcript of a paper presented at a Research Seminar Day, a Centre for Manx Studies event held at Elmwood House, Douglas, Isle of Man. June 2006

If you have any questions about this site or the research that has taken place, please feel free to contact us.

Also, if you are interested in what is happening in the field of Manx research, a visit to the site for the Centre for Manx Studies would probably be enlightening.

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